ch.01 May 08, 2016

-Hair : Crew Cut
Simplicity never goes out of style. Once cut, this
style is a cinch to wash and requires little to no
combing. Those sporting a crew cut used to
require frequent trips to the barber to keep it
short and fresh—but when you have your own
trimmer, you’re always looking good!

-Beard : Chin Strap
The chin strap follows the jawline in a neatly
trimmed "strap" of hair. Try it with or without a
moustache to get just the look you want.

-Clothes : Rough
This is a look you make as plain or glam as you
please. So long as it isn’t too fancy or formal,
anything can work: oversized coats, t-shirts,
pullovers, bombers, black leather and dark
denim jackets, jeans, and chinos. A wide range of
accessories is similarly possible: work and
combat boots, sneakers, bold jewelry (silver in
particular), chains, gloves, scarves, and
sunglasses. Dark colors are, but a fresh white
t-shit is always welcome.