ch.01 May 06, 2016

-Smooth finishing and making sharp line
Bringing our wet and dry technology to self hair trimming. Precision cutting blade
technology will give you the precise and gentle trim that you want.

-Style and design your hair and beard
Simply changing the attachment lets you groom your hair and beard for a sense of
cleanliness and a refined, neat appearance.

-Precision cutting blade:Inverted taper shape of movable blade
Specially designed Inverted taper shape of movable blade firmly catch and cut hairs that are often missed
to thoroughly reduce stubble.

-Precision cutting blade:Acute 45° Blades
Durable stainless steel blades with an acute 45° edge
enable precise cutting. Sharp cutting edges quickly cut
even thick and hard hairs.

-Precision cutting blade:Close trimming blades
Easy to make sharplines
Use to create sharp lines on neck, jaw and other areas.
Can cut hair effectively by making narrow the gap of
moving blade and fixed blade.

-Precision cutting blade:38 Precise length setting
Adjustable dial has 38 settings from 0.5-20 mm with intervals of 0.5 mm for
easy trimming of hair to the desired length.

-Ergonomic Design:Easy to grip
The ergonomic design features a curved,
easy-to-grip form.

Waterproof design let you rinse the shaver under running water for easy and hygienic
*Before washing, remove the outer foil section and turn the shaver on for vibration.

-Cord / Cordless Operation
Use with or without a cord. Charging enables convenient cordless use in the bathroom
and when you are away from home.