ch.01 May 08, 2016

-Hair : Side Part Undercut
The side part is back! In combination with the
undercut, this style looks classic and modern all at
once. The geometry particularly highlights thick and
wavy hair. Accentuating this cut with product is
another way to enhance the suavity of the look!

-Beard : Stubble
This is the slightly shorter cousin of 5 o’clock
shadow, but it’s effect is similar: adding a bit of
appealing insouciance to the overall look!

-Clothes : Casual-Formal
The difference between this style and
business-casual is subtle. Instead of deriving
from the corporate world, it comes from the
creative mixing of your favorite casual and
creative wear. No suit, no tie. Instead, combine a
blouson or blazer with denim or a chino. On top,
your options include t-shirts, button-downs, and
knits. Accessorize to your heart’s content: leather
shoes, or Chelsea boots, scarfs, gloves, and
glasses. Combining light and dark colors is
definitely in, with white, navy, beige, brown, and
pastels as favored shades.