ch.01 May 08, 2016

-Hair : Slicked Back Undercut
In the undercut, the top stays long while the sides
and back are short. The contrast between the two
layers gives this cut its daring, creative style. You
can part the top, tease it rough, or just let it hang.
This version is slicked back for a dashing style.

-Beard : Full Beard
Projecting a relaxed mood, this style
complements casual or business casual wear.

-Clothes : Business Casual
There’s no need to stick to the standard polo and
khakis! Business casual gives the young gent
plenty of latitude to express himself.
Combinations of shirts, sweaters, jackets, chinos,
and denim are almost limitless. The only thing to
avoid is anything stained (that wonderful old pair
of sneakers), torn (pre-stressed jeans), too formal
(black brogues), or otherwise uncool—you be the