Business Areas

Following are the business initiatives in which Panasonic is engaging.

Consumer Electronics

Under the vision of “Aspire to more-To the lifestyle we all desire,” we will focus on offering locally oriented products and value that build people’s “yearning” by effectively showing consumers the kinds of benefits our products can provide, and thus establishing a deeper connection with our customers.


Under the vision of “Homes & Living-Offering inspiring homes and living spaces,” we will generate new value in living spaces by making the best use of our comprehensive ability as a supplier of consumer electronics, housing/electrical materials and related services as well as a homebuilder.


In the automotive industry, cars are becoming more electrified, computerized and environmentally friendly. Therefore, by uniting a variety of technologies and know-how we have in such areas as consumer electronics, ICT and energy management, we aim to make abundant contributions in the fields of “Comfort,” “Safety,” and the “Environment,” and become a supplier that is integral to car manufacturing.


Leveraging competitive core products, we will always stay close to our customers and offer ideas and technologies for making a better society. By doing this, we aim to contribute to our customers’ competitiveness.