'Silky Fine Mist' became a screen at Inter BEE 2023

ch.02 Dec 26, 2023
Panasonic presented their innovative screen solution, utilizing their cutting-edge dry mist technology known as 'Silky Fine Mist', at Inter BEE 2023. This was a follow-up to their previous exhibition at Inter BEE 2022, where they showcased a similar solution.

At Inter BEE 2022, a plane of mist was blown from the side, creating a unique visual experience. However, at Inter BEE 2023, Panasonic took it a step further by blowing a plane of mist from the top, adding a new dimension to the immersive display.

One remarkable feature of 'Silky Fine Mist' is its ability to provide a misty environment without making people feel wet. This allows individuals to walk through the mist screen freely, enhancing the interactive experience.

Panasonic demonstrated various contents during the exhibition, including snowfall, falling flowers, and lightning effects. Each element showcased the versatility and potential applications of their 'Silky Fine Mist' technology.

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