'Silky Fine Mist' turned into a screen at Inter BEE 2022

ch.02 Jul 25, 2023
We showcased a groundbreaking solution at InterBEE2022, turning Silky Fine Mist into a screen. Thanks to thin and lightweight Silky Fine Mist, viewers can experience an immersive sensation as if the images are floating in the air.

Compared to the existing ultrasonic methods, our pneumatic approach enables the production of large amounts of fine mist particles, resulting in sharper and clearer projected images.

In addition, since compressed air is used, the airflow is stronger than the ultrasonic type, and it immediately returns to the shape of the screen even if a person or object passes through it.

This technology holds tremendous potential for various applications, including television, movies, advertising, events, etc. For inquiries regarding this solution, please contact us from the 'Contact us' section of our product page.

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