[With Subtitle Function] The Human Component | Panasonic - Circular Economy

ch.03 Jun 07, 2024
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Along with changes in customer lifestyles, there is now a growing global trend for customers to use only specific functions of a product, rather than using or owning the whole product, and building a circular economy for sustainable economic growth has become a major economic strategy around the world. Panasonic is introducing the idea of circular economy and moving forward in efforts to promote effective utilization of resources and maximization of customer value.

Discover how Panasonic is transitioning our products and business operations towards more circular ones, as Markus Reichling, General Manager Green Transformation, Panasonic, highlights the specific examples of our initiatives; MULTISHAPE as an example for circular design, TV refurbishment as an example for closing the product loops and PETEC recyclying as an example for closing the material loops.

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