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ch.03 Jun 07, 2024
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Imagine living or working in a building where nearly every exterior surface can generate renewable energy. Panasonic is pursuing this vision by developing next-generation solar panels called perovskite solar cells, which are produced using inkjet printing, allowing greater flexibility in terms of size and design and making it possible to expand solar power generation in ways that currently do not exist with traditional silicon-based solar cells.

In this film, Yukihiro Kaneko, General Manager at the Applied Materials Technology Center, Technology Division*, Panasonic, explains about how the perovskite solar cells can make a superior contribution towards the future of carbon neutrality, and also on his dream of implementing the technology around the world.
Discover how these solar panels have the potential to turn every building into a source of renewable energy.
*Organisation name is as of when filmed, February 2024

[This video was produced for Panasonic by BBC StoryWorks Commercial Productions.]

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