Board to FPC connector for Automotive CF1/CF2-Connection reliability, Reduction of assembly manpower

ch.02 Jan 21, 2022
Introducing the FPC connection connector with animation that proposes the FPC direct connection method, as opposed to the conventional wire harness method for connecting between Board to FPC.

(1) Ensure the contact reliability required for in-vehicle applications with metal contacts on both sides that do not use FPC as contacts.
(2) Plug assembly can be completed in just one step of reflow mounting process, which contributes to the reduction of assembly manpower.
(3) CF2 conforms to LV214 and USCAR2.

 CF1: Pitch 2.2 mm, Height 5.9mm, @2.0A, -40 to 125 °C, Sn plating (2 to 10Pin)
 CF2: Pitch 1.0 mm, Height 11.8mm, @1.0A, -40 to 125 °C, Sn plating (16 to 32Pin)

 In-vehicle module wiring applications where connection method is shifting to FPC-based from conventional cable wiring in order to reduce weight and space for electric vehicles (BEV, PHEV, HEV).
 -Connection between BMU and CMU boards in BMS
  (BMS: Battery Management System-Battery voltage monitoring and power management system)
 -Connection between FPC and control board in the Lamp


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