Optical Active Connector V Series is ideal for high-speed transmission of large data - Panasonic

ch.02 May 01, 2023
"""The Optical Active Connector V Series facilitates high-speed optical transmission within and between devices!""

This video presents a comparison of the noise resistance of optical transmission (optical active connector V series) and electrical transmission. (Time 1:50)

【 Contents 】
0:00 Opening
0:14 Overview and details of the demo equipment
0:42 Noise affect of electrical transmission (FPC electrical connection: 1m)
1:00 Noise affect of optical transmission (Optical connection: 5m)
1:16 Comparison of noise affects between optical and electrical transmission (Data rate: 3Gbps)
1:29 Panasonic Optical Active Connector V Series lineup

【 Features 】
■High-quality and high-speed optical transmission is easily achieved using an electrical connector for connection to PCB.
■High-speed and wide data rate transmission possible (Max. 16 Gbps in uni-direction).
■Bidirectional integrated devices (1 fiber with 2 channels) contribute to reduced wiring, size, and weight of equipment.

【 Application 】
Suitable for high-speed transmission, noise reduction, and electrical isolation applications such as Measuring equipment, Printing equipment, Medical equipment, Image processing equipment, and industrial robots.

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