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ch.02 2021年10月14日
Our company was founded in 1988. Our mission is to develop Panasonic products and research and develop core technologies that will support cutting-edge products in the future. Since our founding, we have supported the research and development and product / system development of various companies, organizations, and institutions including Panasonic. The technologies and know-how we provide are realized in various fields of society as products and systems that contribute to the improvement of people's lives and the development of society.
Our greatest feature is that we can do everything from research and development of component technology to practical application of final products. We are a group of engineers who make full use of software / hardware technology to support a wide range of customers from basic research to usability design. We will cooperate as a good partner with our customers under the theme of "creating unprecedented new value and creating innovation that exceeds the limits" required in all industries and industries, regardless of public or private sector.

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