Tangle-free Power Nozzle | Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner MC-SB53K (Global) [Panasonic]

ch.01 Mar 09, 2023
Tangle-free, for a true cleanliness!
Tangle-free Power Nozzle sucks smoothly over 99%*1 of stress-causing hair and pet fur without tangling.

*1 [Test Method] The vacuum is run on the High and Auto modes to clean 0.25 g of hair (length of 25 cm and 40 cm to 45 cm) for one cycle on approximately 4.86 m2 of flooring. This is done for 10 cycles. [Test Results] Less than 1% of the hair tangled in the brush after one cycle. The result differs depending on the hair thickness and length and with certain types of pet fur.

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