Tangle-free Power Nozzle - Yarn | Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner MC-SB53K (Global) [Panasonic]

ch.01 Jan 01, 2023
No more hassle, simple maintenance!

Tangle-free Power Nozzle eliminates over 99%*1 of stress-causing hair and pet fur without tangling.

*1 [Test Method] The vacuum is run on the High and Auto modes to clean 0.25g of hair (length of 25 cm and 40 cm to 45 cm) for one cycle on approximately 4.86 m2 of flooring. This is done for 10 cycles. [Test Results] Less than 1% of the hair tangled in the brush after one cycle. The result differs depending on the hair thickness and length and with certain types of pet fur.