Revolutionizing solar cells with AI | Panasonic Young Leaders

ch.03 May 30, 2022
[The sustainable future our young employee creates, leveraging technology]

Panasonic has a vision for a better society. The founder, #KonosukeMatsushita, once said, "Companies should function as public institutions. It makes no sense if industrial development destroys the environment or undermines our happiness." We have since introduced various initiatives to create a better, sustainable society.

"Using the power of technology, I would like to realize a sustainable future, where humans and nature coexist in harmony," says Tomoyasu Yokoyama, one of our Artificial Intelligence Researchers. He has been an avid animal and nature lover from a very young age and has had a strong sense of curiosity, always asking "why?". He believes that his childhood experiences and personality are at the core of his passion for creating innovation through his research.

Specialized in #MI, or #MaterialsInformatics, his main role is to discover and create brand-new materials. MI leverages #AI and simulation to find potential new materials by looking at vast combinations of molecules. He has developed a state-of-the-art method that dramatically accelerated the development of next-generation #solarcells. By using AI, he reduced the calculation time to predict the physical properties of perovskite solar cells down to 21 hours, 1/500th of the time required with conventional methods.

Since the perovskite solar cells produced in his research are paintable, it can lead to a society where cars or even an entire city work as solar cells.

Watch the interview where he shares his raison d'etre, dreams, and Panasonic's strengths that could accelerate the realization of an ideal future through technological evolutions.

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