Perovskite solar cells that can be installed almost anywhere #CES2022 #PanasonicCES

ch.06 Jan 05, 2022
To play our part in creating a sustainable, decarbonized society, Panasonic is developing a new type of solar cell known as a perovskite solar cell.

Conventionally, there have been spatial limitations on where solar cells can be installed. But what if solar cells could be installed on windows and walls? Perovskite solar cells can make this a reality.

A major feature of perovskite solar cells is that they can be printed. At Panasonic, we have developed a proprietary inkjet printer for printing perovskite solar cells. This has enabled the manufacture of solar cells with customizable sizes and designs. They can even be semitransparent.

Click on the link to listen to a message from one of our researchers.

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