【D&I】 The Power of Creativity and Imagination:What Is Normal? Panasonic x Pride House Tokyo Legacy 

ch.07 Jan 27, 2021
What is "normal"? "Conforming to a standard; usual, typical, or expected. The normal state or condition." (Oxford Dictionary of English)

The concept of "normal" seems to be an everyday part of life.
Yet today's normal might not be tomorrow's normal, and what you think of as normal might not be the same as my way of thinking.

Just what is normal? Maybe no one can answer this question.
There are probably as many ideas of normal as there are people.

This event was a chance to talk together about what it means to live a happy life in your own unique way, without regard to preconceptions, preconditions, or stereotypes.

If you abandon the idea of normal and let your imagination go, your world might open up far beyond what you expect.
Think about the sort of world you might create.

Panasonic Center Tokyo has been involved in activities to broaden the concept of D&I, in the hope that events like these can lead to chances to think about diversity.
We hope this work helps to realize a more inclusive society, and encourage you to join in viewing what we do.