DIVERSITY & INCLUSION Event Vol.9 “Turning various differences into multiple values”|Panasonic

ch.07 Aug 25, 2020
On July 3rd 2020, Panasonic held an internal event based on the theme of DIVERSITY & INCLUSION,
“Let's think about diversity~Turning various differences into multiple values~.” In the event,
we invited 4 guests with various backgrounds who are active in different fields.
After hearing stories based on their experiences, all the guests had a panel discussion.

We have uploaded this video in order to present Panasonic's activities to the general public.
We hope this event gives you an opportunity to learn about the thoughts of people with various differences
in terms of the gender, age, nationality, abilities, and sexual orientation, and to think about the creation of
workplaces and environments where everyone respects each other's differences and can maximize their strengths.

Shiho Shimoyamada
Female soccer player who belongs to Sfida Setagaya F.C.
Sayaka Murakami
Belongs to amputees' sports club “Startline Tokyo”
Rin Okabe
Head of the Corporate Planning Department at Dentsu East Japan Inc.
Laurence William Bates
Managing Executive Officer, Chief Risk Officer and Chief Compliance Officer for Panasonic Corporation

Shigeyoshi Suzuki
President of “Mushimegane no Kai” of Pride House Tokyo Consortium

Gon Matsunaka
Founder & President of Pride House Tokyo Consortium