Performance of a Sword Forged from Panasonic Shaver Blade Steel

ch.01 Jan 19, 2018
Panasonic shavers have special blades born and made in Japan. Each blade employs traditional Japanese sword craftsmanship renowned worldwide to leverage the special techniques of swordsmiths in cutting-edge production technology and realize unimaginable sharpness.

This project set out to prove the epitome of Panasonic shaver performance from superior rigidity and durability to sharpness by creating a Japanese sword from scratch using traditional techniques forged with the same steel as the inner blades of the Panasonic shaver.

This video verifies the sharpness and durability of these Japanese blades. Modern samurai and Iaijutsu master Isao Machii corroborates the superb sharpness of this Japanese sword before both the shaver blade and Japanese sword born from the same steel are tested side-by-side. Both demonstrated the same remarkable performance.

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