Camera Sharing Service, "PaN", at Mercedes-Benz Connection NEXTDOOR Star Garden

ch.02 Nov 29, 2016
Panasonic Corporation has set up its camera sharing service, "PaN(*)" to provide an all-new photo experience at the "Mercedes-Benz Connection NEXTDOOR Star Garden," organized by Mercedes-Benz Japan Co., Ltd. One of the largest, Christmas wreaths in the world made of real pine trees shaped to resemble the Mercedes Benz's "three-pointed star" has been decorated with colorful, vivid Christmas ornaments and 15,000 LEDs. Visitors can step inside the wreath and using the camera sharing service, "PaN," they can take wide angle, aerial photos from the center of the wreath as well as close up selfies. This service is available free of charge and a digital copy of the photographs may be downloaded onto smartphones and PCs.

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