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The latest on Panasonic's housing solutions business in China [Panasonic] - Kitchen & Bath China 2013ch.06



Click on the image to watch the video. Length: 4 min 45 sec

Panasonic, who actively promotes its housing solutions business in China, recently exhibited its state-of-the-art proposals at the Kitchen and Bath China 2013. Drawing on fifty years of experience in the housing industry, Panasonic provides a wide range of solutions that meet the unique needs of people in China from spatial design, devices and technologies, planning to construction. This video introduces Panasonic's state-of-the-art solutions that help create a comfortable living environment from 3 perspectives, smart storage, beautiful environment, and fitness support.


The exhibition concept is "Intelligent, Elegant, and Fit - Enjoyment at the leading edge"


The "Soft Down Wall" can be pulled down in one smooth motion enabling you to store items in high places. [1 min 25 sec]


The "Rotary Closet" lets you use small spaces to store your clothes intelligent and conveniently. [1 min 28 sec]

After exhaustively researching the needs of consumers in China, Panasonic developed the concept, "Intelligent, Elegant, and Fit - Enjoyment at the leading edge." With respect to intelligence, Panasonic proposes ideas that offered smart and convenient storage. The video introduces the "Soft Down Wall," "Rotary Closet," and "Rotating Shoe Rack" that offer excellent storage capacity while effectively using the limited space available.


Interior decorating material, "Livie Realo" authentically recreates natural wood grains.[1 min 46 sec]


A skeleton model of the "A La Uno V" featuring excellent water-saving capabilities brought to life by 3D flushing technology was also on display. [2 min 08 sec]

Panasonic also aspires to provide a beautiful living environment. It introduced the "Livie Realo," an easy to clean interior decorating material that authentically reproduces natural wood grains, and the "A La Uno V," created from a new dirt repellent material featuring the water efficient 3D flushing technology.


"The Shower" comfortably warms the entire body.[2 min 18 sec]


Panasonic also proposed a deodorizing device that uses Nanoe, a feature that is already familiar in Japan.[2 min 26 sec]

To support people's fitness, Panasonic showcased "The Shower," which comfortably warms the entire body with a fine mist of hot water and a deodorizer that purifies the air with Nanoe technology. The materials and parts used to manufacture these housing equipment and devices are also being supplied to kitchen and furniture manufacturers in China.

Panasonic also offers interior design solutions including spatial design and construction


Panasonic proposed 10 interior designs consumers could choose from.[3 min 44 sec]


Panasonic's concept, "Enjoyment at the leading edge" drew much attention.[4 min 06 sec]

Majority of people living in metropolitan areas in China live in apartments. And generally, these apartments are sold as a raw shell before any interior construction. So in 2003, Panasonic launched an interior construction company to establish a structure for proposing spatial designs that meet local needs. Panasonic aims to have 200 stores and franchises in China by 2015.

With comprehensive solutions for the home, Panasonic proposes a better, richer lifestyle to people in China. Please take a look at the latest proposals from Panasonic.