Video Review

PV EXPO 2013ch.06



Click on the image to watch the video. Length: 2 min 58 sec
The latest line-up of energy solutions was showcased in the Panasonic booth. [0 min 17 sec]

From February 27 to March 1, 2013, the 6th International Photovoltaic Power Generation Expo, the PV Expo 2013, was held at the Tokyo Big Sight. Panasonic showcased the breadth of its latest energy solutions for the home and public and industrial facilities. This video captures the energy in the booth, which proposed an eco and comfortable living.


HIT solar cells are renowned for their excellent quality and advanced technology 0min 28sec


HIT solar cells were awarded the "IEE Corporate Innovation Award." [0 min 36 sec]


The solar car equipped with Panasonic's HIT solar cells and lithium-ion battery swept away the title at the world's longest distance solar car race. [0 min 49 sec]

The video begins by introducing the excellent quality and advanced technology of HIT solar cells. Recognized by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, HIT solar cells have received the "IEEE Corporate Innovation Award," presented to innovative technologies that have made a significant global contribution. And the Tokai University's solar car team won the "Sasol Solar Challenge South Africa 2012" title with a vehicle equipped with HIT solar cells and Panasonic's lithium-ion battery.

HIT Half-type solar cells can efficiently use the available space on rooftops 0min 51sec


HIT Half-type introduced in the stage presentation. [0 min 53 sec]


Uses limited rooftop space efficiently. [1 min 24 sec]

The new HIT Half-type maintains the high performance of standard size HIT solar cells, while efficiently using the rooftop space to obtain the maximum energy output. This, combined with the standard type, lets you install more panels on your roof.

Offers optimal control by making the flow of energy in the home visible 1min 28sec


Smart HEMS connects various facilities and appliances in the home over the network. [1 min 31 sec]


You can check the flow of energy in the home on the tablet. [1 min 34 sec]

Panasonic's Smart HEMS connects various facilities and appliances in the home to the network to make the flow of energy visible. You can achieve optimal control over the energy consumed in your entire home.


Energy creation-storage system for the home. [1 min 52 sec]

In this corner, Panasonic proposed a lifestyle where you "create, store, and use" the energy right at home. Not only does this save energy, it provides an extra measure of safety in times of power outages.。

A system for public and industrial use that saves energy and secures safety 1min 54sec


Solar cells are installed on the roofs of facilities and factories. [2 min 12 sec]

Panasonic proposed the installation of HIT solar cells on the rooftops of corporate buildings, factories, and warehouses as part of a system for pubic and industrial facilities. This idea efficiently uses the limited space to install solar cells with a top class power output.


Highly efficient HIT solar cells and high capacity lithium-ion storage batteries function in unison. [2 min 17 sec]

Panasonic also proposed the use of a solar power generation system and lithium-ion storage battery as part of the BCP (Business Continuity Plan) measures and for evacuation centers. This system will provide an additional safety net in times of emergencies, and help support the continuity of public services and businesses.