Video Review

The 39th H.C.R. 2012ch.06



Click on the image to watch the video. Length: 3 min 18 sec
The Panasonic booth attracted many visitors. [0 min 20 sec]

The 39th Home Care and Rehabilitation Exhibition was held for 3 days, from September 26 (Wednesday) to 28 (Friday), 2012, at the Tokyo Big Sight. Under the theme, "Wholehearted assistance for more comfortable living," Panasonic showcased a wide array of products that help make life more comfortable for the elderly and their families. Please take a look at Panasonic's state-of-the-art care and welfare equipment.


[ The Digital Mirror lets users rehabilitate while comparing their postures with those of the virtual instructor ]
0 min 24 sec


A demonstration of the Digital Mirror. [33 sec]


Digital Mirror's interface. [45 sec]

The "Digital Mirror" lets users perform rehabilitation and training exercises while comparing their postures and movement with those of the virtual instructor in the mirror. The same mirror can also measure the effects and keep a record.

[ The Aqua Heart series offers assistance in bathrooms ] 2 min 31 sec


Aqua Heart series equipped with "The Shower." [2min 36 sec]


Aqua Heart series washbasin. [2min 39 sec]

Products from the barrier-free Aqua Heart series such as the unit bath, which assists bathing care, and a washbasin that is user-friendly for wheelchair users were also introduced.

[ Communication support for people with language and upper limb disabilities ] 2 min 43 sec


Users can input their thoughts using parts of their bodies that they can control. [2min 46 sec]


Let's Chat is very light and easy to set up. [2min 48 sec]

"Let's Chat" is a hands-free communication device, which enables users to express themselves using a part of the body they can control. This devices helps people with both language and upper limb disabilities communicate.

[ Various other products were also introduced ] 1 min 02 sec


Aquamove with adjustable seat arms. [1min 34 sec]


Portable toilet, "Zaraku Awane." [2min 07 sec]

In the corner introducing an extensive range of care and welfare products, Panasonic exhibited "Aquamove" with adjustable seat arms, which can be used as a platform for getting into the bath tub, portable toilet "Zaraku Awane" equipped with a deodorizer, the "Self-propelled 6-wheel Wheelchair, RT-1" with a tight turning radius, a very comfortable "Shower Chair," "Bathing Grips" that help users take baths safely, and a 3-person capacity "Home Elevator," which can be installed within the same space as a normal 2-person capacity elevator. All of these products attracted many visitors.