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The frontlines of Panasonic's energy solutions - Intersolar Europe 2012 -ch.06



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For 3 days from June 13, 2012, Panasonic took part in "Intersolar Europe 2012," one of the largest solar business exhibitions in the world held in Germany. This video introduces an extensive line-up of solutions such as the HIT solar modules, which was relaunched under the Panasonic brand, its combination with storage battery systems, and more. Please take a look at the energy solutions brought to life by the latest eco technologies from Panasonic.


[Panasonic HIT solar modules' competitive edge] 0 min 47 sec



A unique structure realized by cutting-edge technologies has enhanced the cells conversion efficiency to 21.6%, one of the highest levels in the world. HIT solar modules have been widely supported across the world. What new values will the relaunch under the Panasonic brand offer? Please take a look at the interview with the person in charge of marketing for Panasonic Eco Solutions in Europe.

[Increase in demand for lithium-ion storage batteries] 2 min 20 sec



In Europe, as power generation using natural energy is becoming more and more widespread, the stabilization of the power grid is becoming increasingly important. Panasonic developed the "Smart Energy Storage System," which contributes to stabilizing the grid and also the self-consumption of energy at home. The next generation energy solutions realized when the system works in conjunction with solar modules is also a must-see.。

The shift towards renewable energy is taking place at rapid speeds all across the world. So, Panasonic has begun to offer these energy solutions globally that help realize a lifestyle of the future without sacrificing comfort, all the while reducing environmental impact.


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