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Panasonic took part in "Rio+20" with solutions for sustainable livingch.06



Click on the image to watch the video. Length: 4 min 05 sec

For 12 days beginning from June 13, 2012, Panasonic took part as one of the exhibitors of the Japan Pavilion at an event held alongside "Rio +(plus) 20" and promoted its energy solutions that contribute to realizing a sustainable society.
Panasonic's unique solutions and eco technologies help bring to life a green, comfortable lifestyle in the home and throughout the community.

*"Rio+20" is the short name for United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development. Approximately 50,000 representatives from 120 countries took part in this global conference.


[The 4 key pillars of Panasonic's energy solutions] 1 min 30 sec



Panasonic's energy solutions are comprised of 4 key pillars - "create energy," "store energy", "save energy," and solutions that "manage energy" by connecting the devices in the home and making the flow of energy and status of use visible. Please take a look at the sustainable lifestyle of the future brought to life with Panasonic's eco technologies.

[Various eco activities being undertaken in Brazil and other parts of the world] 3 min 14 sec



Panasonic continues to take initiative in a wide range of eco activities. Photographs and videos introduce these activities undertaken in Brazil and other parts of the world.