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Click on the image to watch the video. Length: 4 min 25 sec
The tournament was held under clear blue skies at the Ibaraki Country Club [0 min 13 sec]

The Panasonic Open was held for 4 days from September 26, 2013. This video report captures scenes from the tournament and the junior golfer lessons, as well as interviews of the volunteer staff. Both professional and amateur golfers vie for the title of Asia Pacific's No.1 golfer at the Panasonic Open, which is cohosted by Panasonic, the Asia-Pacific Golf Confederation, and the Japan Golf Association. Please take a look at how one sporting event can touch the hearts of so many.


132 participants from 20 countries and regions [0 min 17 sec]

132 golfers from 20 countries and regions competed for the title, but it was Masahiro Kawamura who came out on top with a score of 9 under par.


The tournament was held at the Ibaraki Country Club in Ibaraki City, Osaka. [0 min 01 sec]


The president of Panasonic, Mr. Tsuga, presented the trophy to Masahiro Kawamura the winner of the tournament. [0 min 57 sec]


This panel introduces Panasonic Open's history, which began in 2008. [1 min 02 sec]


Panasonic organizes similar tournaments in India, Thailand, and Indonesia. Top finishers of each tournament took part in the Panasonic Open held in Japan. [1 min 21 sec]

The video report also features interviews of volunteers [1 min 25 sec]

This video report also features interviews of volunteers. You can see how passionate the volunteers involved in this tournament are.


The volunteer at the practice course says, "This is one of the things I enjoy most in life." [2 min 07 sec]


The Panasonic Open is made possible by the support of many volunteers. [2 min 53 sec]

Junior golfer lessons were also organized [3 min 05 sec]

During the tournament, pro golfers gave lessons to junior golfers, who were very keen to learn.


Many children enjoyed the day of golf and being coached by the pros. [3 min 05 sec]


Professional golfer, Kiyoshi Miyazato said, "I hope they (parents) will let them enjoy the game." [3 min 37 sec]