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Panasonic supports the 27th Summer Universiade in Kazan as a partnerch.05



Click on the image to watch the video. Length: 6 min 15 sec
The opening ceremony of the 27th Summer Universiade was held at the "Kazan Arena," the central sports stadium in Kazan. [1 min 21 sec]

Please take a look at some of the solutions business activities Panasonic undertakes in Tatarstan Republic of the Russian Federation.

For 12 days, from July 6 through 27, the 27th Summer Universiade was held in Kazan, the capital of Tatarstan Republic. As a partner of this sporting event, Panasonic supplied the venues with TVs, monitors, security cameras, HD Visual Communications Systems and more. This video report has captured scenes from the amazing opening ceremony, the city filled with excitement for the upcoming sporting event, and Panasonic's equipment installed at the various competition venues.

This video also features Panasonic conducts its BtoB activities in this region including workshops and training that help provide technical solutions out of the solutions center established in Kazan 3 years ago.


Panasonic as a partner of Summer Universiade

The 27th Summer Universiade was held in the city of Kazan in Tatarstan Republic of the Russian Federation. The city is located in the center of Russia, approximately 800km east of Moscow. As a partner of this competition, Panasonic supplied security systems, more than 1,300 TVs and monitors, HD Visual Communications Systems, as well as the video wall. The video report captures the equipment in action.


Scenes from the amazing opening ceremony are also introduced in the video. [0 min 20 sec]


Ms. Nazhiya Khamitova, Solution Marketing Department, Area Development Manager of Panasonic Russia, Ltd. spoke to us about Panasonic's support of the Summer Universiade. [1 min 02 sec]


Security cameras can also monitor the movement of spectators. [1 min 31 sec]


Over 1,300 TVs and monitors were installed at the venues. [1 min 43 sec]


The video wall installed in the Technical Operation Center. [1 min 45 sec]


The HD Visual Communications Systems made it possible to have face-to-face meetings even between remote locations. [2 min 12 sec]

The partnership between Panasonic and PSO Kazan

PSO Kazan is one of the largest production and construction holdings company in the Tatarstan Republic. Mr. Alexey Lopukhov, the General Deputy Director for IT, explained that Panasonic has been a big contributor to the development of the company.

The first joint project was "TANECO," the oil-refining complex in Nizhnekamsk City (photo: right). The IP security cameras at the Summer Universiade were highly acclaimed, and as a result, the leaders of Tatarstan Republic decided to adopt these cameras for the "Safe Tatarstan" project.

According to Mr. Lopukhov, one of the key reasons why PSO Kazan chose Panasonic as its partner is that Panasonic has a solutions center in Kazan and their engineers can receive regular training there. The next section will describe this solutions center in detail.


Mr. Alexey Lopukhov, the General Deputy Director for IT at PSO Kazan speaks about the partnership with Panasonic. [2 min 25 sec]


The oil-refining complex, TANECO was PSO Kazan and Panasonic's first joint project. [2 min 49 sec]

Panasonic's solutions center plays a very important role

Panasonic's showroom and solutions center were established in the central region of Kazan in 2010. These facilities will help promote Panasonic's products and professional devices, as well as train integrators who will be actually be using these equipment.

Panasonic also offers solutions to remote locations using the HD Visual Communications System. The solid local support Panasonic provides through its BtoB business hub, the solutions center, is highly reputed. The showroom and solutions center played an important role in Panasonic's equipment being selected for the Summer Universiade.


The Panasonic solutions center was established in the center of Kazan in 2010. [3 min 48 sec]


Panasonic conducts workshops and training for integrators who will be using Panasonic products and professional equipment. [4 min 03 sec]


A line-up of Panasonic's security systems, disaster prevention systems, broadcasting equipment, professional displays, HD Visual Communications System, and more. [4 min 32 sec]


Panasonic also offers training programs that people can take part in remotely using the HD Visual Communications System. [5 min 07 sec]

Panasonic supported the 27th Summer Universiade in Kazan as a partner of the competition. Please take a look at how Panasonic promotes its solutions business.