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Panasonic communicates the importance of World Heritage conservation at the 40th anniversary celebrationch.05



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Children who changed the lighting at Kiyomizu Temple, a World Heritage site, to LED light bulbs. [07 sec]

Panasonic signed a strategic partnership agreement with the UNESCO World Heritage Centre in June 2011, which will promote World Heritage conservation and "environmental education for the next generation." This video report introduces scenes from the closing event of the UNESCO World Heritage Convention 40th anniversary celebration and the panoramic 3D imaging system, "DIVE into World Heritage 3D." It also captures the global reception for Panasonic's initiative to promote environmental education, the "Eco Picture Diary Contest," and the UNESCO World Heritage Eco Learning Program held at the Kiyomizu Temple. Please take a look at the activities Panasonic undertakes to promote the importance of conserving World Heritage sites.


[ The reception held a day before the event ] 0 min 32 sec


The reception welcomed many guests. [0min 33 sec]


Singer, Ms. Sarah Brightman also shared a song with her beautiful voice. [0min 39 sec]

Over 600 experts from around the world took part in the closing event for the UNESCO World Heritage Convention 40th anniversary celebration. A reception was held the day before this event. UNESCO's Artist for Peace and Panasonic's Eco Ambassador, Ms. Sarah Brightman also took part.

[ Experience the beauty of World Heritage sites with DIVE into World Heritage 3D ] 0 min 58 sec


Truly immersive images of DIVE into World Heritage 3D. [1 min 08 sec]


The video also features interviews about the panoramic 3D imaging experience. [1 min 50 sec]

Based on the strategic partnership it has signed with the UNESCO World Heritage Centre, Panasonic conducts a wide range of activities to help communicate the importance of World Heritage conservation. One of these activities is the panoramic 3D imaging system, "DIVE into World Heritage." The system was installed in the lobby of the venue to showcase immersive 3D images of World Heritage sites.

[ Smiley faces at the global reception of the Eco Picture Diary Contest ] 2 min 07 sec


Awards ceremony for the Eco Picture Diary Contest. [2 min 17 sec]


The expressions of the children who received awards for excellence. [2 min 22 sec]

Panasonic's Eco Picture Diary Contest has been recognized by UNESCO as an official initiative to promote "Environmental Education for the Next Generation." The global reception was held at the Nijo Castle and children from 33 countries received awards for excellence.

[ Changing the lighting at the Kiyomizu Temple to LED clear light bulbs ] 2 min 59 sec


Children changing the lighting to LED clear light bulbs. [3 min 06 sec]


Beautiful lights of the Kiyomizu Temple. [3 min 15 sec]

Panasonic donated LED clear light bulbs to the Kiyomizu Temple and as part of the UNESCO World Heritage Eco Learning Program, the children helped change the lighting to these eco-conscious light bulbs. The beautiful lighting and the happy faces of children are very memorable.