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On May 26, 2011 Panasonic and 8 other companies that lead the way in environmental technology and the city of Fujisawa in Kanagawa prefecture made an announcement about the Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town Project. This video features the joint announcement as well as the video on the Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town shown at the venue.

The Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town will be located on an old Panasonic factory site found between JR Fujisawa station and Tsujido station. A new town with 1,000 homes will be built on this land with the strong desire to realize a smart lifestyle that is both green and comfortable, and sustainable for many generations to come.

This project will be the first case where Panasonic's "energy solutions for entire towns" will be applied on such a great scale. Devices that "create energy," "store energy," and save energy" are planned to be installed in all homes. These devices will be connected through the Smart Energy Gateway (SEG) and optimally managed so that energy may be used efficiently. Moreover, this thinking will be applied to stores and other facilities to enable effective use of renewable energy in the entire town, and thereby attempting to realize a "sustainable town" that incorporates nature's gifts.

As introduced in the video, Panasonic's President Ohtsubo stated in his speech that "The 'Smart City' concept is being implemented in many regions around the world, but we would like to make the 'Fujisawa model' a very unique, advanced example we can actively share with the rest of the world." The video highlights the kind of lifestyle that is being proposed through the Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town Project, which has been launched in Japan, a country that prides in advanced environmental technologies.



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The concept of the town is comprised of 3 tiers. Various devices and facilities will be located in all parts of town. These will be optimally connected over the network to create an energy efficient town that is pleasant to live in. And lastly, nature's gifts will be incorporated to realize a green and comfortable lifestyle.


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All homes will be equipped with solar power generation systems and storage batteries. The energy created during the day from the sun will be stored in storage batteries, and such energy will be used by home electronics with excellent energy saving performance. In addition to homes, devices that "create energy" and "store energy" will also be installed in stores and facilities with the hope that the energy created and stored may be used effectively in case of emergencies.


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"Creating energy" with solar power generation and ENE-FARM, "storing energy" created, and home electronics that have excellent energy saving performances - these devices will be connected via the Smart Energy Gateway (SEG) to realize optimal management. This is Panasonic's "energy solutions for entire homes."


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Panasonic's "energy solutions for entire homes" involves applying "energy solutions for entire towns" to other areas such as stores, facilities, and public areas and thereby optimizing the energy use throughout the city. At the Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town, the following targets have been set - 70% CO2 emission reductions and 30% cut on water usage.



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Title: Eco-Products 2010 Vol.2 - Energy Solutions for Entire Towns from Panasonic

This video introduces the Panasonic booth at one of Japan's largest environmental exhibition, "Eco-Products 2010." You can learn about Panasonic's "energy solutions for entire towns" that have been reflected in the Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town concept.


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Title: China-Japan Green Expo 2011 Vol.2 - Corporate stage presentation -

The China-Japan Green Expo 2011 was held in Beijing, China. Please take a look at the corporate stage presentation, which introduces "energy solutions for entire towns" by highlighting case examples. You can also learn about Panasonic's involvement in the development of the smart city project, "Tianjin Eco City."