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Image of the Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town [0 min 41 sec]

The Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town (Fujisawa SST) is a smart city project, which will be inaugurated in the city of Fujisawa (Kanagawa Prefecture) in spring of 2014. And on October 1, 2012, Panasonic held a press event to introduce this project in detail. This video introduces scenes from this press event, and highlights the 8 services that will be offered to the residents, the establishment of the Town Management Company, and various other key features that are beginning to take shape.


[ A city that will continue to evolve ] 0 min 50 sec


Speech by the Panasonic Corporation President, Mr. Kazuhiro Tsuga. [1 min 21 sec]


Offering a wide array of solutions under 4 spatial categories.[1 min 16 sec]

Panasonic will offer a wide array of solutions under 4 spatial categories created by subdividing the consumers' living environment into "residential space," "non-residential space," "mobility space," and "personal space." Because all 4 of these spatial categories are found in the Fujisawa SST, Panasonic's president, Mr. Tsuga explains that the project is a big challenge for Panasonic and that the inauguration of the city is not the end, rather, the beginning of its evolution.

[ Eight living services the Town Management Company will provide ] 1 min 31 sec


Eight living services. [1 min 40 sec]


The Town Management Company is scheduled to launch in 2013. [1 min 48 sec]

The Fujisawa SST will provide 8 living services, which are: energy, mobility, security, healthcare, community asset management, finance, and club service.  A new entity, the Town Management Company, will be established to get these services started and to keep improving and developing them.

[ The slogan is "Bringing Energy to Life" ] 2 min 25 sec


Panasonic Eco Solutions Company Vice-President, Mr. Satoshi Takeyasu. [2 min 54 sec]


Bringing energy to life. [2 min 32 sec]

Mr. Takeyasu, the vice-president of the Panasonic Eco Solutions Company, described this town as "Bringing Energy to Life" (energy meaning both electricity and vitality). He also says that what makes the Fujisawa SST unique is the clear targets that it has set, namely reducing CO2 emissions by 70% and water consumption by 30%, sourcing over 30% of energy from renewable energy, and securing a lifeline for 3 days.

[ A video introducing the Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town concept ]


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Fujisawa SST Part 1 "Concept"