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Live streaming of the total eclipse using only solar power from Australiach.02



Click on the image to watch the video. Length: 4 min 05 sec
Live streaming of the total eclipse observed near Cairns. [2 min 16 sec]

On November 14, 2012, a total eclipse was observed near Cairns, Australia. Panasonic successfully streamed this rare astronomical event live using only power generated by HIT solar panels, and shared this amazing moment with more than 800,000 astrology fans across the world. This video report introduces the "filming the sun, using the sun" project, which made excellent use of Panasonic's energy solutions. You can also relive the breathtaking moment of the total eclipse.


[ Capturing a rare astronomical event on the northern coast of Australia. ] 0 min 16 sec


Panasonic's base for the live streaming was set up in Port Douglas, located in northern Australia. [0 min 38 sec]


Many astronomy fans from all over the world gathered to witness the eclipse. [0 min 24 sec]

Panasonic set up its base for the live streaming on the beaches of Port Douglas, located in northern Australia. The crew waited for the moment of totality together with people who came to witness the eclipse from all around the world.

[ Capturing the total eclipse with solar power ] 0 min 45 sec


Nine HIT solar panels were set up to create energy for the live streaming equipment. [0 min 50 sec]


The energy stored were used to power cameras, PCs, etc. [1 min 09 sec]

This project aimed to generate all the energy necessary to power the live streaming equipment such as the LUMIX GH2, which will capture the total eclipse as well as Panasonic's rugged laptop, TOUGHBOOK, monitors, and microphones. HIT solar panels were installed on the day before the eclipse, and the energy created was stored in the lithium-ion portable battery.

[ Finally, the moment of totality - anticipation is building ] 1 min 37 sec


LUMIX GH2 captured the moment of totality. [0 min 30 sec]


The staff are just as excited and enthused as the observers. [3 min 28 sec]

The moment of totality is gradually nearing. As soon as the live streaming began, Panasonic started to receive numerous feedback and comments on the social stream.

[ The moment was shared live worldwide ] 2 min 02 sec


The sun gradually disappeared behind the moon. [2 min 05 sec]


The moment of totality. Many people cheered with excitement. [2 min 19 sec]

And finally, the moment of totality. This video will let you relive the moment to your heart's content. More than 800,000 viewers watched this live stream, and on the social stream we received over 25,000 posts from people in 34 countries. Using Panasonic's energy solutions, this project shared an incredible moment with a great many people around the world.