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Creating energy, storing energy, and supplying hot water - making the flow of energy visible in a coffee shopch.02



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For example, you can see how much energy is being created by the solar panels. [1 min 13 sec]

Tully's Coffee Japan, a company that has been a leading figure in Japan's café industry, has embarked on a new strategy. They intend to incorporate green efforts in the planning and design of its coffee shops. One of these efforts is a pilot coffee shop it has built in a house near a suburban train station. Tully's aims to make the flow of energy, such as the usage of the solar power generation system and the energy consumed by each device in the shop, visible. They are also setting indexes so that they can apply these efforts to other stores. This video introduces the pilot coffee shop equipped with solar panels, storage batteries, ECO CUTE water heater, etc.


[ The ultimate green coffee shop incorporating solar power generation. ] 0 min 18 sec


The ultimate eco-conscious Tully's coffee shop in Ekoda. [0 min 22 sec]


Tully's Coffee Japan Co., Ltd. Business Development Division, Mr. Kazuo Chiku. [0 min 29 sec]

Tully's coffee shop in Ekoda wanted to become the ultimate eco-conscious coffee shop. It is the first Tully's coffee shop in Japan equipped with a solar power generation system and storage batteries. These will create about 10~20% of the energy the coffee shop needs.

[ Creating energy, storing energy, and supplying hot water ] 0 min 58 sec


Solar panels installed on the rooftop of the coffee shop. [0 min 48 sec]


Storage batteries that store the energy created. [0 min 53 sec]

Coffee shops need energy to run the kitchen, for the lighting, air conditioning, etc. This system, which combines solar panels and storage batteries, will provide a portion of the energy the coffee shop needs, and they hope that the system will be really helpful in times of disasters.

[ Panasonic offered one-stop service for what Tully's was aiming to do ] 1 min 48 sec


Panasonic's solutions meet a wide range of needs. [2 min 22 sec]


Panasonic not only provided various devices, but also a multi-circuit power monitor. [2 min 24 sec]

The goal of this project was to create an extremely green coffee shop. Panasonic was chosen as the partner because it offers one-stop service, which covered all the aspects Tully's was looking for, from kitchen appliances, solar power generation and storage battery system, all LED lighting, air conditioning, monitors, toilets, etc.

[ Making the energy consumed visible ] 2 min 30 sec


Multi-circuit power monitor makes the energy used by various devices visible. [2 min 44 sec]


Energy consumption per device per minute. [2 min 53 sec]

The multi-circuit power monitor installed in the Ekoda coffee shop makes the energy consumed by each device visible. Because it measures the energy consumed per device per minute, you can analyze the power consumption data per category such as the lighting, air conditioning, and hot water supply. The data will be used to establish indexes, which will be useful for launching green initiatives at other coffee shops.