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Kasai QOL Pharmacy has solar panels on its roof [0 min 50 sec]

QOL Pharmacy aspires to become a pharmacy that is in tune with the needs of the local community. To this end, in order to be able to offer even better service, QOL is making efforts to become a presence people can rely on in times of natural disasters. For example, the pharmacy can keep the system, which manages patients' medication histories, going with minimal energy in times of disasters. What this means is that the pharmacy needs to be able to operate on minimal energy in non-disaster times, too. The pharmacy only uses energy-saving LED lighting, with which it also aims to provide a comfortable, soothing environment.


[ Being green and being prepared for natural disasters so that it can serve the community better ] 0 min 17 sec


Kasai QOL Pharmacy aspires to be green and to be prepared for natural disasters. [0 min 27 sec]


QOL Co., Ltd. Corporate Communication Department, Mr. Takumi Yamagishi. [0 min 55 sec]

One of the top pharmacies in the industry, QOL Pharmacy launched an eco-conscious pharmacy in the city of Kasai, Hyogo Prefecture, which is also well prepared for natural disasters. To become a community-based pharmacy, QOL believes that being green and being prepared for disaster is its social mission.

[ Panasonic was selected because it provided all the equipment and devices QOL needed ] 1 min 01 sec


Panasonic offered its comprehensive solution. [1 min 08 sec]


QOL Co., Ltd. Development Division, Mr. Jun Kawaguchi. [1 min 03 sec]

Mr. Kawaguchi, who was in charge of the development of this pharmacy describes how after the earthquake, they decided on focusing store development on the following 2 concepts: "disaster preparedness" and "eco-consciousness." QOL selected Panasonic because they wanted a "system incorporating solar cells and storage batteries" and Panasonic offered one-stop service in this regard.

[ Being green leads to better disaster preparedness ] 1 min 26 sec


Solar panels installed on the rooftop of the pharmacy. [1 min 29 sec]


Energy saving efforts are made with respect to air conditioning and lighting. [1 min 42 sec]

In times of disaster, power outages may occur. In such circumstances, pharmacies may have to dispense medication without being able to check the medication history of patients, which may pose health risks such as side effects. That is why the Kasai QOL Pharmacy is equipped with solar cells and storage batteries, which enable the pharmacy to maintain a stable supply of energy even during power outages. Moreover, efforts have been made to save energy with respect to air conditioning and lighting.

[ All LED lighting had an unexpected benefit ] 2 min 14 sec


First all LED QOL pharmacy in Japan. [2 min 17 sec]


Chose LEDs that preserves the natural color of the patients' faces. [2 min 20 sec]

This pharmacy only uses LED lighting. This not only helps save energy, but also creates a comfortable, soothing ambience. The pharmacy in Kasai is the first QOL pharmacy in Japan that has all LED lighting. They chose LEDs not only because of their energy saving performance, but also because they discovered that LEDs can play an unexpected role in producing a great environment. QOL is looking to implement all LED lighting in some of its other stores in the future.