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Media factory tour. [3 min 02 sec]

Panasonic's Extrema Factory in Brazil has kicked into full gear. The factory will manufacture products that meet the unique needs of the region, such as refrigerators with compartments for cans that can cool beverages to nearly zero degrees Celsius. The factory has also been recognized as an 'eco ideas' factory and many efforts have been made to reduce the environmental impact of the production processes to as close to zero as possible. What is Panasonic's growth strategy for the Brazilian market? Please take a look and find out.


[ The first white goods factory in Latin America began operation ] 0 min 10 sec


The Extrema Factory. [16 sec]


The production line for refrigerators. [1 min]

The Extrema Factory in Brazil is Panasonic's first white goods factory in Latin America. At the moment, refrigerators are being manufactured, and the production of washing machines will begin in April 2013.

[ An 'eco ideas' factory, which reduces its environmental impact to as close to zero as possible ] 0 min 18 sec


The factory director talks about the 'eco ideas' factory. [30 min]


A wide range of 'eco ideas' have been incorporated into the factory. [47 min]

The Extrema Factory not only manufactures eco-conscious products, it is also an 'eco ideas' factory, which aims to reduce its environmental impact to as close to zero as possible through various green efforts. These green efforts include maximizing the use of natural resources, saving water, recycling resources, and avoiding using substances that are harmful to the environment. Panasonic undertakes these activities at 'eco ideas' factories in Japan as well as in manufacturing bases around the world.

[ Manufacturing products that meet the local people's needs ] 1 min 08 sec


He introduces the various adjustments made to meet local needs. [2 min 33 min]


This compartment has been designed to fit 2.5L bottles. [2 min 25 min]

Refrigerators that are being manufactured boast a very high energy performance realized by Panasonic's inverter technology and ECONAVI function. To meet the needs of people in Brazil, the refrigerator is equipped with compartments that can cool beer and other canned beverages to nearly zero degrees Celsius, special compartments for 2.5L bottles, and a larger drawer for vegetables. Please take a look at how Panasonic is taking on this very large market with manufacturing activities that take the needs of local people into consideration.