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4K PHOTO -4K video is changing photography-ch.01



Click on the image to watch the video. Length: 3 min 27 sec
The world of 4K PHOTO lets you crop out the ultimate frame from 4K video. [0 min 23 sec]

Taking great photographs of athletes at sports competitions, children running around, pets, and wildlife can be quite challenging because the subject is fast moving, and it is difficult to predict their movement. Panasonic has introduced a new function, 4K PHOTO that solves this problem and creates a new photo culture.

This video introduces how 4K PHOTO works. With 4K PHOTO, you can select and enjoy the best shot from among all the frames captured at 30fps as a 3840x2160 pixel 4K video. The selected 4K PHOTO boasts an 8 megapixel equivalent resolution. Capturing the pure joy on children's faces, wild birds as they take flight - 4K PHOTO has the potential to forever change the world of photography by letting you enjoy these perfect moments as photographs.


[ Shutter chance will never have the same meaning - the dawn of a new photo culture ]

In the video, 2 photographers talk about the potential and benefits of 4K PHOTO. From examples of their work, you can also see how this mode can be applied.


You will also see how people actually operating the camera. [1 min 10 sec]


A professional cameraman talks about the allure of 4K PHOTO[1 min 25 sec]


A photograph featuring the exact moment in which the girl pops a bubble. [1 min 50 sec]


The excellent autofocus function exhibits superior performance during macro shooting. [1 min 54 sec]


Suitable for fast moving scenes, e.g. shooting pets in action. [2 min 02 sec]


It has also captured unparalleled moments when shooting wildlife.[2 min 56 sec]

4K PHOTO is currently available on 3 models - LUMIX GH4, FZ1000, and the LX100. On the website there is also a gallery of photographs as well as other special content, so please take a look.