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Japanese anime character featured on Indian TVCM!ch.01


The anime, "Ninja Hattori," was a big hit in Japan some years back. Currently, it is being aired in India, and the children there seem to love it. Panasonic has featured the popular anime's characters in its TV commercials. You can take a look at the 2 commercials - one for an air conditioner and the other for ECONAVI equipped home appliances - on Channel Panasonic. Please take a look at the role Ninja Hattori and his friends play in India.

[ The air conditioner commercial featuring Ninja Hattori ]


Click on the image to watch the video. Length: 0 min 34 sec
Ninja Hattori is very popular in India, too. [10 sec]


The duelers suddenly feel a cool, refreshing breeze. [20sec]


Everyone is happy thanks to Panasonic's air conditioner. [26 sec]

The Panasonic's air conditioner commercial begins with a fighting scene. Then suddenly, the duelers feel a cool, refreshing flow of air. Panasonic's air conditioner has helped them forget about their fight and become refreshed and happy.

[ Commercial for ECONAVI equipped home appliances starring Ninja Hattori ]


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More and more ECONAVI equipped appliances are being introduced in India. [26 sec]


Reduce the number of times refrigerator doors are opened during the night. [23 sec]


ECONAVI appliances save energy intelligently. [14 sec]

Ninja Hattori is quite meticulous. For example, he turns off lights that are not being used, so he is very energy conscious. In the ECONAVI commercial, his younger brother Shinzo, Shishi-maru, and Kenichi also make an appearance to help communicate the importance of being eco-conscious. It is quite interesting to hear the difference in the tone of the voices from the original Japanese anime, so please take a look.