Video Review

ch.00Helping a Japanese Tropical Island's Efforts to Realize Energy Self-Sufficiency by 2050
Japan has announced that it will become carbon neutral by 2050. Also by 2050, Miyako, a small island 2,000 kilometers from Tokyo in Okinawa Prefecture, has pledged to raise its energy self-sufficiency ratio to 48.9%. Local energy production and consumption are the keys to carbon neutrality, and wi...
ch.00Panasonic's (MU)ROOM Spatial Solution Helps Guests Meditate and Relax at a Kyoto Hotel
Panasonic has developed a spatial solution called (MU)ROOM that allows hotel guests to experience mindfulness. Partners UDS Hotels have installed (MU)ROOM at one of their hotels in Kyoto, providing guests with a spiritually rich experience.
ch.03Analysis of Athletes' Faces with Contactless Vital Sensing Helps Improve Performance
Panasonic's Contactless Vital Sensing estimates athletes' heart rates from images of their faces. This new technology was successfully field tested at an archery tournament. It will add an extra dimension to sporting events on television, as well as help athletes in training and in competition.
ch.00Helping People to Live Human Lives with Robotics Technology
Panasonic has created a platform that encourages collaborative development of robotics technology to help address issues faced by today's society such as an aging population and labor shortage. This also includes innovations that will help people enjoy independent living as long as possible.
ch.03Programming Opens World to Biology and Chemistry - Pilot Lessons by Panasonic and Scratch in Japan
Panasonic has developed a curriculum for students in which they use Scratch educational programming software to program a prototype IoT toaster. The pilot lessons involved junior high school students who were tasked with baking their dream cookies in the toasters.
ch.00This Could Revolutionize the Medical World: Panasonic's Medical Imaging Projection System
Image projection technology has been utilized mainly for projection mapping on buildings and in theaters, but the Medical Imaging Projection System (MIPS) may revolutionize the field of medicine. The new surgery assistance system developed by Panasonic in cooperation with Mitaka Kohki Co., Ltd. an...
ch.00Panasonic Apparatus Enables Nonstop iPS Cell Culture
Panasonic has combined its extensive know-how with the highly specialized cell culture process developed by experts at the Kyoto University Institute for Frontier Medical Science to build an automated system for iPS cell culture. It can work day and night, every day of the year, thereby accelerati...
ch.00Lights That Protect the Starry Nights in Japan
Bisei in Okayama Prefecture, a Japanese town known for starry nights, is aiming to become Asia's first "Dark Sky Community" by obtaining international certification from the International Dark Sky Association (IDA). Responding to the town's request, Panasonic initiated and succeeded in the develop...
ch.00For Peaceful Enjoyment of Exciting Games: Facial Recognition System at Danish Football Stadium
Football is a sport full of emotion. Unfortunately, in some cases, this can lead to extreme behavior, creating an atmosphere that scares away normal fans and families. Panasonic was able to provide a solution that helps create safety and provide peace of mind for all the fans.
ch.02Panasonic's Seekit Helps Indian Parents Breathe Easy on Children's Safety
Panasonic India has developed an IoT tracking product called Seekit, knowing that every parent wants to keep their child near to them. Seekit is helping give parents peace of mind on the whereabouts of their children.