Panasonic Rechargeable Oral Irrigator Series 800 EW-DJ86 with Ultrasonic Technology

ch.01 May 24, 2024
Upgrade your daily oral care routine for effective cleaning experience and healthier gums* with EW-DJ86 oral irrigator. Its powerful, yet gentle Ultrasonic Nozzle can help to carefully remove food debris, plaque, and stubborn bacteria from hard-to-reach areas often overlooked by traditional toothbrushes or string floss.

The EW-DJ86 includes one Ultrasonic Nozzles, and one Orthodontic Nozzle. Diverse nozzles enable oral care targeting specific needs.

* Gum bleeding and Gingival index measured at 1 week after daily use of manual toothbrush and the Panasonic Ultrasonic Irrigator at level 4-5 compared to baseline, SGS proderm, Germany 2023.

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