Servo system MINAS A7

ch.02 Mar 13, 2024
A new addition to our product lineup, Servo system MINAS A7, industry-leading* motion performance* for quick and intuitive adaptation to demanding situations.

- Agile Adaptability to Machines, immediate response to commands and disturbances
Industry-leading* basic motion performance is faithful to commands and has strong resistance to disturbances.

- Agile Adaptability to People, immediate response at start-up and when trouble occurs
Expanded auto tuning, from easy start-up to automation of high level tuning.
Quick response with drive recorder function when trouble occurs.

- Agile Adaptability to Applications, immediate adaptation to specific applications
Application-specific functions are achieved without a controller.
Sensor direct input system contributes to highly responsive control.
*As of September 2023, according to in-house research.