CES2023: Unpacking Panasonic’s Commitment to Sustainability

ch.06 Jan 19, 2023
Panasonic Green IMPACT is plan for direct action to counteract the effects of climate change and restore the promise of a fulfilling life for future generations. Here, Panasonic introduces tangible steps being taken to reduce emissions across our value chain (Own Impact), replace carbon-intensive technology (Contribution Impact), and reduce carbon emissions through adoption and use of more efficient technologies (Avoided Emissions). The Panasonic booth at CES2023 showcased a variety of innovations, including green hydrogen production and record-setting perovskite solar cells.

Tatsuo Ogawa, Group CTO, Panasonic
Megan Pollock, VP of Branding and Strategic Communications, Panasonic North America
Megan Lee, Chairwoman and CEO, Panasonic North America