How does Naomi Osaka feel about environmental issues?

ch.03 Nov 24, 2022
Naomi Osaka admires and pursues a broad ethical lifestyle. She has announced a sustainable clothing collection collaborating with a major fashion brand, while her own skincare company is striving to eliminate the use of plastic.

Flying all over the world, Naomi has experienced the changing environment in a variety of lands. What is her current feelings towards the problems caused by climate change?

What made you be aware of environmental issues?
What actions have you taken for the planet?
What does the younger generation think about global warming?

We listened to Naomi Osaka’s message for future generations.


The Panasonic Group brand slogan “Live Your Best,” expresses our desire to continue creating happiness for people and the society in an ever-changing world.
Panasonic discussed with brand ambassador, Naomi Osaka, to discover her thoughts on happiness in the three fields of life, work and environment.

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