Professional Shaver ER-SP20 Product Video|Panasonic|MAKE ART

ch.01 Aug 15, 2022
We give hairstylists the tools to express themselves, to go beyond cutting hair, and to truly MAKE ART.

Create Fading Styles with the ER-SP20.

Professional shaver ER-SP20 is optimized for finishing trending fading cut and to meet the strict demands of professionals. Close cutting of sideburns and nape area is achieved thanks to the optimally shaped 30˚ nano polished blades. The slit blade features an innovative slit structure to catch and cut the long hair and the two finish blades cut hair at the root. Thanks to this 3 stainless steel blade shaving system, the sharpness and close shave is achieved. The ultra-fast linear motor is also much more powerful, regardless of density or remaining battery power. It features an easy to use design with a compact & lightweight body that fits neatly in your hand.

— Hair is your never-ending canvas
It’s full of possibilities.
And you’re free to do anything you can imagine with it.
That’s why we’re redefining clippers.
So you can redefine what’s possible.
Sharpen your shape.
Define your line.
Express yourself.
Make Art —

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