[Short]PIR "PaPIRs" All-in-one

ch.02 Jun 01, 2022
The greatest feature of this sensor is that it has an integrated lens. Conventional pyroelectric infrared sensors often consist of only pyroelectric element.
PaPIRs is small sensor, high-performance, high-sensitivity, and highly reliable sensor which integrates wide variety of lenses and dedicated in-house ASIC.

PaPIRs has been utilize by more than 500 customers in Japan and overseas for many applications, mainly for turning on and off equipment.

Recently, PaPIRs has been increasingly adopted for keywords such as energy saving, labor saving, and touchless.

PaPIRs has been sold globally for more than 20 years, and has achived 100 million units.
This sensor has lens-integrated type which is designed according to the detection area, eliminating for lens and peripheral circuit design. This contributes to speeding up development and reducing development costs for you.

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