In-house entrepreneur empowering the world | Panasonic Young Leaders

ch.03 Apr 01, 2022
[Our young employee strives to create a society where women are empowered]

Panasonic has a vision for a better society. The founder, #KonosukeMatsushita, once said, "Companies should function as public institutions. We must make sure to contribute to the advancement of society through our business." We have been making our best efforts to create a better society by leveraging technologies; However, the world still faces various social issues, one of which is gender inequality.

"I would like to support people's lives through our products," says Mizuho Maeda. While in charge of the global marketing of refrigerators, she has also launched a new project where she is leading the development of a body camera. Many women do not report sexual assault, feeling that they cannot talk to anyone about it or simply have to let it go. "Part of the problem is," she says, "that women are forced to feel that there is nothing they can do about it."

Having been groped on the street herself, she believes that the body camera footage will help victimized women by securing their option to speak up without being forced to give up and be silenced.

"It would be nice if we could empower even one person." In the interview, she talks about her vision of an ideal future, realized by combining Japan's strengths and the power of designs at Panasonic.

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