Transparent OLED Display Module

ch.02 Mar 10, 2022
Panasonic Corporation announced the commercialization of a 55-inch transparent OLED display module that boasts high image visibility. The new product uses a self-illuminating transparent OLED display panel that does not require a backlight. Measuring less than 1 cm in thickness at the display section, the ultra-thin display panel offers high transparency and renders high-quality pictures with vivid colours. The dimming unit originally developed by Panasonic adjusts the amount of light passing through the panel in order to maintain high contrast and clearly display images even in an environment brightly lit by outside lights (TP-55ZT110). The product is provided in a highly versatile modular specification to enable flexible installation not only in homes but also in various other places including commercial complexes, transit advertisements and public facilities. What's more, multiple panels can be adjoined to display images on a larger screen.

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