High Precision and Performance SMD Chip Resistor 【Panasonic】

ch.02 Dec 16, 2020
Resistors are key components found in all electronic devices.
Panasonic resistors are designed to maintain high performance even when used extensively in diverse environments.
ERA*V series with highly accuracy and reliability ideal for use in the control unit of automobile.
ERJH series with excellent heat resistant and thermal shock stability ideal for around the power devices.
ERJ * U series with excellent sulfurization resistance and safe for outdoor use in industrial equipment, automobiles, base stations, etc.
Let’s improve manufacturing by revisiting products, starting with small parts.

Thin Film Chip Resistors, High Stability and Reliability Type ERA*V series

High Temperature Chip Resistors ERJH series

Anti-Sulfurated Chip Resistors ERJ*U series

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