Panasonic Business focus on Gemba Process Innovation

ch.02 Sep 16, 2020
Gemba is the physical site where value is created. This Japanese word literally translates to "the actual place". For example, the Gemba is where things are made, moved, or sold; the site where value is generated and problems must be confronted. The factory floor, the warehouse, or points-of-sale; these are referred to as the Gemba.

Panasonic has accumulated more than 100 years of expertise and knowledge around Gemba and manufacturing processes which now could be beneficial for other fields such logistics and retail.

On this clip, Panasonic’s Connected Solutions Company (CNS) Top Management, CEO Yasuyuki Higuchi and CMO Yukiko Yamaguch explain why Gemba is key for success in today’s business world and the need to focus and listen the customer’s needs and challenges. Panasonic Business EU MD Hiroyuki Nishiuma highlights why Gemba can help businesses over Europe to overcome with their current productivity challenges.

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