D+IO - How to make a CO2 Ventilation Alert Device (2020) / FUTURE LIFE FACTORY

ch.03 Sep 15, 2020
Here is how to make "CO2 ventilation alert device" using commercially available electronic parts and materials around you. The device uses sound and light to signal when the carbon dioxide (CO2) concentration in a room exceeds a certain level. The cover uses the core of toilet paper and can be customized. Why not create this CO2 ventilation alert device for someone important to you who is concerned about whether the ventilation is done at the right time?

FUTURE LIFE FACTORY's "D + IO project" publishes the recipe of "Manufacturing that we want to deliver to important people" as an activity to support "Products that you want to deliver to your loved ones (DIO PRODUCT)". From Doing It Yourself to Doing It Ourselves. The D + IO project aims to bring back the creativity inherent in human beings and to update our lives on our own, in order to realize the next generation of affluent lifestyles and build community relationships.

D+IO Project

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