Panasonic Rechargeable Oral Irrigator EW1213A for Orthodontic Patients

ch.01 Sep 03, 2020
The newly developed orthodontic nozzle and three-mode water jet enable easier, faster, thorough orthodontic appliance care, interdental cleaning, and periodontal pocket and gum care.

[Orthodontic Nozzle]
While featuring the kind of easy-to-use tuft brush that is popular with orthodontic patients, the new nozzle design provides a jet of water with minimal splashing. The tuft brush also thoroughly removes sticky food, such as bread, which was previously difficult to do.

[Three-Mode Water Jet]
You can set the water jet to suit your needs and preference. “Jet” mode delivers a powerful pulsating high-pressure water jet. “Air In” has two different modes (Regular and Soft), that deliver a pulsating stream of water mixed with air for gentle stimulation.

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