RiSuPia navigator workshop “Save polar bears from global warming!!”|Panasonic

ch.07 Aug 06, 2020
We have uploaded the video of RiSuPia navigator workshop, which is very popular at Panasonic Center Tokyo.
The theme of this workshop is “Save polar bears from global warming!!”.

Let's take a look at the lives of polar bears and think about global warming throughout this game.
You can download and print out the game kit from the link below.

Please enjoy and challenge the workshop with your friends and families.  

◆Game kit (Please download and print out before watching the video)  https://www.panasonic.com/jp/corporate/center-tokyo/pdf/20200722_navigatorws03_en.pdf
※RiSuPia is a hands-on museum inside Panasonic Center TOKYO
that enables you to experience the fascination of science and mathematics. (As of 2020)        

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